Paul Gustafson, PHD, RKT.

Dr Gustafson as worked in the field of exercise science for over thirty years.  His experience includes public schools in Texas, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia.  Dr. Gustafson is a registered kinesiotherapist (RKT) with the American Kinesiotherapy Association (  Kinesiotherapy is defined as "the application of scientifically based exercise principles adapted to enhance the strength, endurance, and mobility of individuals with functional limitations or those requiring extended physical conditioning. A registered kinesiotherapist can administer treatment only upon receipt of a prescription from qualified physicians, nurse practitioners and/or physician assistants who have been privileged to make such referrals.”  Exercise and education are the only modes of treatment used by a kinesiotherapist.​​

Postural asymmetry (misalignment) is sometimes associated with chronic musculoskeletal pain.  Using gentle stretching and strengthening techniques we attempt to restore the proper musculoskeletal postural relationships intended for your body.  Over a period of weeks muscle lengths are reset and your skeleton is repositioned for a gradual return to the postural design originally intended for your body.  If you’ve been told that surgery is the only thing that will relieve your pain, consider one more option.  While we can’t help everyone, these techniques have provided relief to many people with low-back, hip, shoulder, neck and wrist pain, etc. - without the use of medication or manipulation. Receiving new clients beginning July, 2017.  Click the link at the top of the page for details.

RPG Kinesiotherapy, LLC

Non-Medical Pain Relief


Beating Back Parkinson's Disease

A training program emphasizing high-intensity, interval exercise has been shown to help those with Parkinson’s Disease cope with the manifestations of the disease.  Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease have reported improvements in balance, endurance and strength.  The method uses non-contact boxing training to achieve these remarkable results.  Dr. Gustafson has been trained in the Rock Steady Boxing method which has received many positive reviews from those coping with Parkinson’s.  Receiving new clients beginning July, 2017.  Click the link at the top of the page for details..