RPG Kinesiotherapy, LLC

Beating Back Parkinson’s Disease
Accepting referrals for clients with a Hoehn & Yahr classification of 1 or 2

The training will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday.  Each participant may choose to attend as often as he/she wishes, but a frequency of twice per week is recommended.  Each session will last approximately 1-1 1/4 hour.  A maximum of 2-3 clients will be accepted for any one training session.

The pace of participation during each class is determined by the participant.  The client should inform the instructor of any ill effects encountered during the class and feel free to take time out as needed. 

The client must provide a referral from a licensed practitioner with privileges to make referrals (physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, etc.).  Dr. Gustafson is currently accepting clients with a Hoehn & Yahr classification of 1 or 2.

Prior to beginning training each participant must complete a series of pre-participation baseline tests which will be repeated every six months in order to measure progress.

Each client will need to have his/her own set of boxing gloves with a velcro closure (not lace-up gloves) and gel-wrap gloves for the training.  The client should not purchase these items until after the initial meeting with Dr. Gustafson.


Ten sessions may be purchased for $120.  The client also has the option of paying by the class for $15 per class.

Pre-participation test battery = $25 (non-refundable).  The cost of the test battery may be applied toward the purchase of a ten-session package.  Follow-up testing is available at the beginning of any ten-session package (recommended testing at 6-month intervals).